Things To Know About Invisalign In Singapore

Invisalign are clean, plastic molds and aligners that fit over your teeth and glide them gradually over time. One can eliminate them to brush your teeth or while eating. However, you should use them for only 22 hours to enhance effectiveness. So you can keep living your life and caring for your teeth. Some of the benefits of invisalign include:


  • Virtually invisible.
  • Most convenient

How much does Invisalign cost in Singapore?

Invisalign Braces Costs In Singapore vary from around $8000 – $9500 in sum for treatment by an orthodontist. Many dentists perform complimentary consultations and will be capable of offering you price estimates. However, a few clinics can easily quote more affordable cost since they do not incorporate pre-treatment or aftercare expenses.

Illustration of Invisalign costs in Singapore

Whenever you get Invisalign Braces Costs In Singapore is lower or cheaper, understand that it might be because your teeth require fewer aligners, which brings less costly lab charges.

On the other hand, a full Invisalign allows your dentist to order extra aligners in case there need for you to “tweaks” your teeth further.

Good dentists will undoubtedly check that every single adjustment is right, and will frequently make several alterations to the proposed treatment by Invisalign.

You can’t make use of Medisave to pay for Invisalign Braces Costs In Singapore, it’s not regarded as a surgical procedure. Nor is it covered under any kind of dental insurance in Singapore, unfortunately

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