How Will A Caricature Artist Make Your Party More Exciting

While the name sounds foreign to many, chances are you have already seen a caricaturist at the last amusement park you visited. The art of caricature is iconic to festive carnivals, Las Vegas and the likes. They say a picture speaks thousand words. Caricature says it even better because of the element of surprise it brings. Caricatures offer room for the artist’s creative expression of who you are in the form of a hand drawn cartoon or portrait. The experience of being drawn by a caricature artist can be a novel party entertainment or used a creative mean of advertisement.

This is why you are starting to find caricature services being offered at many modern event and party settings. It is a new trend that you can easily incorporate to your next special occasion in Singapore. Here are 5 reasons why you will love having a caricaturist at your party too!

Caricature Services Are Affordable

Unless you’re Nick Young from Crazy Rich Asians, you probably have a set budget for your party. And you need to stay within it. This is where caricature services come into their own, as they are generally quite affordable. It is also very easy to find and book caricature services in Singapore. One quick way is to search for caricature artists located in your area. From there, it’s all about the discussion of price, payment methods and options.

Caricature Services are Unique

It is everyone’s wish to throw the most epic and unique party that Mankind has ever seen. However, it often feels like every idea has already been used in some way or another. Caricature art is pretty unique in its own right. It’s an interesting way to entertain your guests and even give them one-of-a-kind memorabilia to bring home!

Caricature Services Can Be Themed

There are many worries that come with planning a party, including how to ensure everything matches with the desired theme. With a caricature artist, there is nothing to worry about. These skilled artists can easily design pieces of you and your guests that compliment your wedding, birthday, anniversary or any other party you are hosting. Whatever the theme if your party, a caricature artist can modify each piece to ensure it fits in with the overall theme of the party, while still retaining its own unique character.

Pre-Drawn and Live On-Site Options

There are different ways to incorporate different variations of caricature into your party. If you have time constraints, you can opt for pre-drawn caricature bodies. This is an advantage as they can be custom designed to meet the style and preferences of your party. These headless bodies can be pre-drawn with any pose or outfit of your choice. If there’s enough time and room for creativity, you can choose to have the artist to do the entire drawing onsite. This flexibility is what makes caricature art extremely popular at parties.

Creative Use of Modern Technology

Modern technology has made fantastic caricature designs more accessible for everyone. This makes it possible to choose a custom background for portraits or even choose to have a specific message added into the piece. You’ll also be able to download and keep a soft copy of your portrait. These digital caricatures make great gift ideas for birthdays and corporate farewell celebrations.

If you are looking for something that will excite both children and adults alike, caricature hits all the right notes! Everybody loves caricature. It’s made even better by the fact that these art pieces can be personalised for each guest, for an unforgettable party experience.

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