Best Places to Shop in Chinatown, Singapore

Singapore is truly a shopaholic’s haven. Housing hundreds of shopping centres, it is the best place for purchasing many fashion items at extremely affordable prices. Singapore’s Chinatown is one of its prime shopping areas frequented by millions of tourists every year. Previously crowded with street vendors, Chinatown now has been transformed into properly constructed shophouses and malls. Adorned by Chinese lamps and traditional architecture, Chinatown is frequently visited by people to buy antiques, affordable clothing and cheap Chinese food.

The shophouses in Chinatown are occupied by jewellery stores, ethnic craft stores and Chinese medicine shops. If you are one of the million who wishes to visit Chinatown, you can go through the following places.

People’s Park Complex

People’s Park Complex was built way back in the 1960’s during the transition period of Singapore where street stalls were being transformed into malls and stores. One of the most famous complex in Chinatown, this place is famous for selling jewellery, clothes, herbs, souvenir shops, electronics, clocks, watches and authentic Chinese food. You also have various massage parlours located here. People’s Park Plaza also has a rooftop hangout spot called Lepark which houses eateries serving tapas and other food, music places and other lounging areas.

Apart from various other goods, this plaza also has stalls that sell Chinatown souvenirs and old photos. Coming to the gastronomy, People’s Park Complex’s Duck Master is worthy of a try. The place sells perfectly roasted juicy ducks at just $15 with an hour long waiting queue. Other must try restaurants include See Sean Rice Stall, Chop Hean Kuan, Joo Chiat Beef King and Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza

Tanjong Pagar Plaza is a place known for best bargains. Comprising of 130 shops, this place sells Chinese goods such as electronics, textile and stationery. Famous for selling handicrafts, teas and artefacts, Tanjong Pagar Plaza offers a wide variety of these goods. The shops at this plaza are mainly occupied by hairdressing salons and manicurists.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza has a food centre which is best known its many specialities including fish soup. Those on a budget will enjoy the food here since it is priced at a few dollars. Best stalls located here include Issan Thai, Tanjong Pagar Fried Kway Teow, Traditional Hakka Rice, Herbal Kitchen, Herbal Rice and Annie’s Peanut Ice Kachang.

Chin Square Flea Market

China Square Flea Market is a crowded place on Sunday. From Chinese crockery to old gramophones, this place has it all! Stalls are laid out inside an air-conditioned mall and the variety found here will leave you flabbergasted. China Square also houses many toy and comic book stores and many shops present here sell antiques, collectable toys, old notes, crockery, phones, Chinese items, figurines and books. Spreading across two floors, this flea market will provide you with the best shopping experience ever!

Chinatown’s Street Markets

Located near Smith and Trengganu streets, this shopping location is first visited by travellers when they enter Chinatown from the MRT station. If you wish to get the best shopping experience, then this is the place to be. You can get good deals on first copy designer clothes, antiques, electronics and electronics. These streets are also known as Chinatown Food street and they offer a vast variety of food ranging from roasted duck to Chinese chicken rice.

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