Sweet potato dessert soup you need to know about


In Singapore, people particularly love the purple sweet potato otherwise called the Japanese sweet potato. Generally, in Asia, the sweet potato is a common food. Consider this, China produces 82% of the total world production of this crop. That is why the traditional Chinese sweet potato soup is one of the most affordable and accessible dessert in East Asia. You can easily find it in best dessert place Singapore.

This soup has a potent taste and it has a thin texture. Ingredients for preparing it include ginger, rock candy and sweet potatoes.


How nutritious is this soup?

This is possibly one of the most nutritious Chinese soups. This is because sweet potato is a type of superfood. It has an unsurpassed source of beta-carotene. According to scientific studies carried out in Africa, every 3.5 ounces of sweet potatoes contain close to 1500 micrograms of Vitamin A. This is enough to meet 30% of your daily vitamin A needs.


The best way to prepare the soup involves boiling or steaming

Many nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes are easy to achieve if you boil or steam them in the process of making Chinese sweet potato soup. Steaming preserves anthocyanins, these are flavonoids that give sweet potatoes their purple or red colour. They do more than provide colour. They are also packed with vitamins and minerals that prevent cancer and boost the health of the heart.

Boiling leads to a lower glycemic index. This makes the soup to have better blood sugar effects.


How do your prepare sweet potato soup?

You will need 3 ½ cups of water, 2 large sweet potatoes, 8 dried red dates (optional), 45g of 2 inches fresh, sliced and skinned ginger root, and 60g raw brown sugar.

Start with peeling and washing the sweet potatoes. Then, slice them into chunks.

Boil water and add red dates, sweet potatoes and ginger. Let this mixture simmer for 13-15 minutes. Then, add the sugar and continue boiling until all the sugar dissolves. Serve cold or hot.


Kill two birds with one stone

This combination of sweet potatoes, dates and gingerroot kill two birds with one stone. You enjoy a sweet treat and get a good deal of health benefits.  A true food lover has two stomachs – one for dessert and the other for the main meal.

Sweet potatoes are common in Far East countries like China. They make delicious and nutritious soups, cakes, waffles and other tasty treats.

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