The hasma dessert


Frogs feature prominently in the Chinese dishes. They were once the preserve of the emperors. Presently, you can enjoy a bowl of Hasma soup or any other frog delicacy in a dessert place in Singapore.

You can buy dried Hasma from a local store and use it to make a bowl of nutritious and healthy Hasma soup. Hasma is a key ingredient in making “three snow soup” and “shark fin soup.” You can pair it with lotus seeds, red date or dried longan fruits to create sweet soups.

Hasma is an extract taken from the fallopian tubes of female snow jelly frogs found in Northeast china. It is sold dried as flakes and irregular flat pieces. Each piece is yellowish-white in colour.


The benefits of hasma

Hasma has high levels of proteins, vitamins and minerals. It will strengthen your internal organs and make you have a healthy complexion. You can use Hasma to treat ulcers and some respiratory conditions. Best of all, Hasma is cholesterol free. Other benefits of Hasma include restored strength after childbirth and increased energy.


How to prepare hasma with longan and rock sugar

Longan is a small yellowish-brown fruit that is native to China. It has white edible flesh. You can combine this fruit with Hasma, Chinese dates and rock sugar to create a wonderful bowl of Hasma soup.

You will need to soak the Hasma, overnight and rinse it well. Make sure you remove all the dirt. Then, wash the dates, drain them and set them aside. With the snow frog in a pot, add longans, Chinese dates and water. Bring the mixture to a boil and steam for fifteen minutes. At this point, your soup is ready. Add the rock sugar, stir to dissolve the sugar and finally serve the soup hot.

Hasma soup is sweet and cool and it is loaded with vital nutrients. It is perfect for all seasons. This best dessert has an opaque colour and a glutinous texture.

Enjoy a bowl of healing Hasma in a Chinese restaurant. This soup will revitalise your body and heal your ailments. It also stabilises hormones.

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