Top 4 technology to be used for training convenience


Gone are the days when executives of a company had to fly for several hours just to attend a meeting that takes only an hour. In this modern era characterised by technology and innovations, it is now possible to use the available resources to schedule and carry out a meeting or even training in the training room or even when you are flying. Some of the common technologies in place are as follows:



It is a technology that allows a telephone call to be done between two or more people. Normally, the interface that is being used enables other people to make a dial in order to make a call to the other party. It is easy to use technology and very effective when no visuals are required during the meeting.


Video conferencing

It is a technology similar to the teleconferencing. The added feature in this tool is the ability to incorporate video in the meeting. It enables the audience in the meeting to hear and even see each other during the training sessions or even normal meeting. It is beneficial when the meeting or training has some presentations element into it that needs to be made. It is close to the physical meeting thus more realistic form of virtual meeting.



It is a software that has been developed by Cisco Systems. It allows people to meet through the internet and have abilities to share information on their monitors as they make voice calls through the phone line. It works across computers and smartphones thus rendering some flexibilities.



The technology makes it possible for people to meet and converse through text, voice and even video. It only needs registration to be able to use it. Relatively cheaper and easy tool that you can make good use of. It creates a good virtual seminar room environment close to the physical one.

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